Web Video/Audio Recorder/Player

RED 5 Open Source Streaming Server &
Vimeo – Storing & Sharing of Video / Audio

This the complete solution for the Web based Video / Audio recording through the Browsers and Store the media files iin the loclal file system or in the Vimeo community server.

  • FULLY customized webcam video recorder get the Open Source
  • Audio and Video support made using Open Source RED5 technology
  • Recording and playing videos directly inside your website
  • FULL documented source code
  • Full javascript manipualtions and callbacks
  • Integrated with Vimeo Community Video /Audio server for Storing & sharing the Media files

A fully automated and User friendly Interface to do the Video / Audio recording with Web Cam & Head Set with the high quality Pictures and quality Sound. This project have been done with the RED 5 – A Open Source Streaming server which is configured to capture the Video from the web cam and recording the Audio through the Head set.

After completion of the recording, the Video / Audio content will be saved in the Vimeo, a community server to store and share the media files. This being done through the dynamic call of the Vimeo’s APIs.

Features of the product is as follows

  • Provision to fetch & list videos of logged in member’s from the vimeo.com
  • Vimeo APIs will be used to fetch the Videos and Audios from Vimeo server
  • Provision to select and send the Videos / Audios to friends
  • Provision to play the selected Videos from the list
  • Provision to upload Videos from other sources
  • Provision to create Videos through web cam, Record, Stop, Save with name and Delete
  • Provision to store the videos in vimeo.com with help of API
  • Provision to create Audios, Record, Stop, Save with name and Delete
  • Provision to store the Audios in vimeo.com with help of API