Good Looking Google Analytics Dashboard

good looking Google Analytics Dashboard


Good Looking Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard is a service from Google. Which is to generate a detailed statistical analysis report on web site traffic. There are different type of analysis information are displayed in dashboard.

The importance of the Google Analytics can be found in this post. To configure Google Analytics, check this Blog Post to configure Google Analytics and to monitor your web site traffic.

We, 6i-InfoTech has developed a unique and cool style of displaying the analytical information in the form of Graphs, Bar Chart, Pie Chart and in different shapes as a Good Looking Google Analytics Dashboard.

The Good Looking Google Analytics Dashboard has the provision to consolidate and display the web site traffic information in different time lines. The information can be consolidated and displayed as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly. Also, it has the provision to group and display the values / counts as Numbers or as in the Percentage.

Some of the vital statistical information displayed in the Good Looking Google Analytics Dashboard are, Website Visitor counts, Most popular Devices, Most Viewed page etc. Two of such statistical information are explained below.
Source of Traffic

  • The Source of Traffic information will be displayed in a single Row
  • The information are fetched from the Google Analytics for given website
  • The top 5 Name of the Sources and its total number of visits will be displayed
  • The display order will be High to Low from Left to Right (Lowest RHS and Highest will be in LHS)
  • The name of the source can be displayed in 02 lines, if the name contains more number of characters

Popular Countries

  • The Popular Country information is displayed in a Word Map with Country names
  • This is to display the Top Five countries based on the total visitors count
  • The world map will be static
  • The markers will be displayed above the country with the total visitors count
  • The markers will have either numbers or percentage, based on the selection from the Drop Down List