Boring presentations with same old tools – ZoHo:ShowTime will have the solution

During the presentation, it use to be very difficult to keep the audiances busy in watching the presentations. As, the presentations are being developed with the same old techniques and old tools, the presentations were use to be. To vercome this, ZoHo has come out with an alternative solution to create active and live presentation away from the boring presentations with its new product SHOWTIME. Click me for more details,

An Alliance of Major Players to Guide Open-Source Software

The combined force of cloud computing and mobile devices is changing our world, putting nearly infinite amounts of machine intelligence into billions of hands and millions of businesses. …. Representatives of Facebook on Monday announced the formation of a group, the TODO Project, intended to streamline the way open-source software projects, a big part of cloud and mobile computing, are executed. This may include such things as best practices for updating open-source software, ways of securing legal compliance, or tools and habits for making software that is freely available to anyone. More …